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Overview of Programs

FSK Jr. Eagles Basketball offers several programs that are suitable for boys and girls from Pre-K through High School. Our in-house program is used to foster skills development for children in Pre-K through second grade. Grades 3 through 8 play in Division 2 (recreation level) of the Monocacy Youth Basketball Association (MYBA).  We also offer recreation level teams for high school boys and girls (U16 and U19). For those that want to play at a higher competitive level, we also offer travel teams that play in competitive tournaments.  The travel teams have a separate try-out, since we only have one team per age level.

List of Programs

Refer to the following table for a breakdown of the programs that are offered by TAYB.
Program Division Ages / Grades
Clinic CoEd Pre-K and K (ages 4-6) CoEd
U8 Instructional U8 CoEd 1st and 2nd Grade Boys/Girls
MYBA Boys Rec Div 2 U10 Boys 3rd and 4th grades
  U12 Boys 5th and 6th grades
  U14 Boys 7th and 8th grades
  U16 Boys 9th and 10th grades
MML Boys TravelU14 Boys7th and 8th grade teams
Try-outs/selections late-Sept
MYBA Girls Rec Div 2 U10 Girls 3rd and 4th grades
  U12 Girls 5th and 6th grades
  U14 Girls 7th and 8th grades
  U19 Girls 9th - 12th grades
MML Girls TravelU14 Girls7th and 8th grade teams
Try-outs/selections late-Sept
Tournament Teams (U10, U12) U10-U12 Tournament teams
Offered in conjunction with Rec

Clinic and U8 In-House Programs (Co-Ed)

Our clinic and in-house U8 programs are used to foster skills development from pre-K through second grade.

The clinic program is targeted at pre-K and K. We try to break the kids up into small groups, so that the coaches can provide better individual instruction. The teams usually start practicing at the beginning of January and run through the end of February. Practices are typically held on Saturdays at one of the elementary schools, where the baskets can be easily lowered below the regulation height.  The purpose of the clinic program is to introduce the kids to the game of basketball and begin the development of fundamentals. We do not typically play games at this level, although there may be a small play-day at the end of the practice season.

The in-house (U8) program is targeted at grades 1 and 2. The kids are placed on co-ed teams that start practicing in the late November.  The teams will typically practice one week night and then play small games on Saturdays.  The games are played in the January and February time frame, so the teams will typically practice on Saturdays, until the games begin. All games are played locally between teams in Taneytown (TES or Runnymede), New Windsor and Union Bridge (Elmer Wolfe gym).

MYBA Rec U10-U19 - Division 2 (Girls and Boys Teams)

Grades 3 through 8 play in Division 2 (recreation level) of the Monocacy Youth Basketball Association (MYBA). We offer U10 (3rd and 4th grade), U12 (5th and 6th grade) and U14 (7th and 8th grade) teams for girls and boys. Starting with the 2013-2014 season, we have also been offering a U16 team for HS girls and U16/U19 teams for HS boys.  The U16/U19 teams are targeted at kids that do not make the FSK High School team, but would like to continue to develop their skills.

The MYBA teams are not co-ed; there are separate teams for girls and boys in the MYBA league. These programs offer a more competitive level of play than our in-house program, and all of the teams travel throughout Northwest Carroll County and parts of Frederick County to play games. The MYBA league is a very large league with some levels having upwards of 40 teams per division, so you will see all levels of skill and competitiveness throughout the season. The MYBA Division 2 program offers a fair way of assessing the skills and level of play of each team. After the first five games of the regular season, the MYBA will reassess each team and attempt to schedule the remaining five games of the season against teams with the same skills and abilities. At the completion of the regular season, the MYBA will schedule a tournament where teams of the same skills and abilities are placed together in the same tournament bracket. The MYBA also offers a Division 1 program for those teams that excel beyond the other teams in Division 2. For more information on MYBA, please visit the Monocacy Youth Basketball Association website.

Each of our MYBA teams typically practice on two evenings during the week. Games are played mostly on Saturdays, with some games being scheduled on Sundays.  Practices may also be held on Saturdays in November, until the games begin in December.  The MYBA game season runs from the first weekend of December through the third weekend of February.  The MYBA league offers a playoff at the conclusion of the regular season (late Feb, early Mar), where the playoff games may be played on week nights or weekends.  All teams are seeded into brackets for the playoffs.

MML Travel League: 7th and 8th Grade

Starting with the 2019-2020 season, we joined a competitive league for travel basketball. Our travel program enters 7th and 8th grade boys teams in the MML boys league ( )  and 7th and 8th girls teams in the MML girls league ( ).  We will hold try-outs in late-September to select the players for these teams.  More information will be disseminated to all registered U14 players/parents in mid-September.  We are asking those that are interested in trying out for competitive travel to sign up for our U14 Rec program via our website ( ), so that we can more easily communicate with the parents. 


Competitive Tournament Travel

Since the 2015-2016 basketball season, we have been offering competitive tournament teams for our boys and girls at the U10 through U14 Rec levels.  The tournament teams are selected by one or more coaches from each age group.  This program is being offered in addition to our recreation (Rec) program and to offer our more advanced players a chance to compete at a higher level.  For more details, please refer to our Tournament Team Information sheet.