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By Laws

FSK Jr Eagles Basketball is governed by an Executive Board and a set of Coordinators for different activities.  Our meetings are open to the public and anyone can join in our discussions.  If you attend three (3) of the prior five (5) meetings, then you can become a voting member and participate in setting the direction of our programs.  To gain more information about our organization, mission, goals and bylaws, please read our Consitution and By Laws.

Registration Policy

The FSK Jr Eagles organization makes every effort to provide all kids the opportunity to participate in recreation basketball.  As with all sports, there must be a cut off date for when registrations must be received.  Please review our Registration Policy for more details.

Payment Policy

We would like to provide all youth the opportunity to play recreation basketball, regardless of their economic background. Please feel free to review our Payment Policy and our Payment Plan Form.

Draft Policy

Please refer to our Draft Policy for more information about how our coaches select their Rec-level teams.

Refund Policy

We will refund registration fees, depending upon when the league is notified. The league must be notified in writing, either via email to [email protected] or by written letter.


1. Early Cancellation: If FSK is notified prior to when the uniforms are ordered, then a $5.00 processing fee will be charged. The $5.00 processing fee is meant to cover our registration website, internal paperwork, insurance and credit card fees. For example, if your registration fee was $90.00, then you will be refunded $85.00. If your registration fee was $55.00, then you will be refunded $50.00.


2. After Uniform Order: If FSK is notified after uniforms are ordered, but prior to the first game, then a $15.00 fee will be charged for Clinic or U8 (In-House).  A $40.00 fee will be charged for U10 through U19 MYBA. The fees are meant to cover the uniform order and the other processing fees mentioned above. For example, if your registration fee was $145.00 for MYBA, then you will be refunded $105.00. If your registration fee was $65.00 for U8, then you will be refunded $35.00.


3. After First Game: Refunds will not be granted when FSK is notified after games have started

Additional Forms

The following forms are provided by Carroll County Parks and Rec.  They are required to be filled out by players, parents and coaches.

Good Sportsmanship Policy (CCR&P)

Code of Conduct

Concussion Information Sheet

Monthly Board Meetings

Our board meets the first Thursday of every month. Our meetings are open to anyone.  We welcome your input and participation.