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Inclement Weather Policy

For Carroll County Public Schools


Our policy for inclement weather is defined by Carroll County Public Schools and the Department of Parks and Recreation.


1. When schools are closed or on early dismissal due to inclement weather, all practices and games are cancelled for that day.


2. If the snow emergency plan goes into effect after schools are dismissed for the day, then all practices and games are cancelled for the remainder of the day.


3. On non-school days or weekends, if the snow emergency plan is in effect at 8 p.m. on the preceding day, then all activities are canceled for the non-school day.


For more details, refer to the inclement weather policy on the Carroll Govenment website.


For Frederick County Public Schools


Frederick County policies for inclement weather are different than Carroll County. The inclement weather policy for MYBA games that are played in Frederick County is defined on the MYBA Website.


If you have specific questions on the day of a weather event, please contact your child's coach first, followed by your league coordinator.

Local Weather in Taneytown


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